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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Andiroo, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Andiroo


    Hi All

    Is anyone aware of face-to-face taught commodity futures trading training / courses. Intermediate / advanced would be ideal and would prefer to stay away from the hard sell brigade like Online Trading Academy etc.

    East coast or Mid west.


  2. In other words, you're looking for someone to teach you a profitable trading method, right?

    If it's profitable, they don't want any competition to their method.
  3. Andiroo,

    Just start by understanding how market works (nearly randomly, that is), try to check by yourself if most TA technique actually works and have positive expectancy (they don't in 99% of cases) and start developping your own approach.

    No shortcuts!
  4. Andiroo


    Hey Risktaker

    ..why dont you take a positive risk and say something positive for a change... remember the Karmic nature of the markets!!

    Way to many bitter and negative people on ET these days!

    Oh well....


  5. Pekelo


    When you go long in a falling market, don't you need others to do the same to turn the market around?