high quality educational material?

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  1. hi there, anybody can recommend videos, blogs, books, of winning / very good traders, specifically day trading index futures?

    please no beginner stuff.
    I'm an experienced trader (just more experienced in stocks than futures).

  2. Lucias


    I highly recommend Gary Smith's, "How I Trade For A Living". I also have some reports on intermarket analysis and my methods (PM ME).
    You can also take a look at The Logics posted here. Its free.

    I've found that there is a difference between "slick material" and good material. Gary's book to me is awesome but was a difficult read. The "slick material", i.e the dvds and stuff I've purchased while I was initially pumped. It didn't teach me anything worthwhile.

    The useful stuff I learned required some work to process, i.e Traderfeed (traderfeed.blogspot.com). Dr. Steenbarger wrote a lot on the psychology and practicality of day trading index futures. He also did a free book on his trading methods online.

    I've often found valuable free stuff at the CME website or NYMEX lectures. There is a lot of good stuff out there.

    You may even find good information from the common shill promoter. A lot in this game is up to the trader.
  3. ET
  4. Thanks Lucia (though I was more interested in the technical side than in psychology)

    SnakeEye there's a lot of mediocre stuff on ET too, so if you know something worthy please post a link...