High Quality Credit Card Debt

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by marketsurfer, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. I know this is a shot in the dark--- but one never knows who may be reading this forum--- I have access to 50 million plus notational value of high quality CC debt from a state that has good laws for this sort of thing.

    I am seeking a series of loans, secured by the debt, to purchase and flip this portfolio to collection agencies and lawyers who are committed to purchase.

    The first very small loan was secured and project executed succesfully, however, source is not of the required ability to do it again. None of my direct contacts are involved in this sort of thing--thus this "shot in the dark"


  2. Maybe you can make up a pool of some sort. Or just broker it to a junk debt buyer without actually taking posesssion of it yourself. Don't they go for 10% or less on the dollar?