High profile software engineer searching for partnership with high profile trader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Krome, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Krome


    Hi all,

    Judging by many threads here, some traders are in deep need to have a trading platform meeting their own requirements but due to lack of programming skills, they have no other choice than using existing trading platforms (like ORC, and such).

    I'm a software engineer working in finance (trading derivatives) for a couple of years already. I worked many other years in another industry with high need for performance.

    I'm starting a personal project on Windows to trade derivatives (multi listening, quoting, equity and equity derivatives...).
    Instead of doing it for nothing, I would like to know if any of the traders here would like to partnership with me to provide me with business knowledge/requirements and in exchange I could provide a software meeting requirements for free. The timeline is 6 months to a year (so I see it as a long term partnership with many releases to verify progress).

    If anyone is interested in such partnership or simply willing to give me a hand designing a kick arse trading application, please send me a PM message.

    Any questions welcomed. Thanks for reading.
  2. Nice post...
    But it would be MUCH better if this was your 100th post.

    Also your co-ordinates are very important...
    Because nothing serious will be built long distance.

    And speaking as a software engineer...
    Professional level Quant System design excellence...
    Or in other words...
    Knowing how to make money trading...
    Is a Black Art obtained ONLY through hard won experience...
    And infinitely more valuable than programming skill...
    Which except for the really Top 1-2% genius level guys...
    Is a commodity with no barriers to entry.
  3. ehmoran


    What's your Programming Specialty?
  4. Ukrainian coders are the best. Seriously.
  5. As long as you don't mind a trojan or a virus with your ware...

    And this is not FUD. Many viruses seem to originate from the former soviet block. It's suspected that Conflicker virus originated from Ukraine.
  6. Phrozen Crew remnants
  7. Krome


    I understand that post like that will raise suspicion, it wouldn't be traders answering if it didn't.

    I'm serious nonetheless and do intend to build something with help from real traders.

    "But it would be MUCH better if this was your 100th post."

    DeeDeeTwo, I realise this. As for the other comments from you, thanks, I know it's a hard task. That wouldn't be the first time I do something really hard to do on your own.

    "What's your Programming Specialty?"

    Well, I'm a great C++ programmer (and I know a few about C# too).
    I know many many things through lots of personal and professional projects in the fields, such as Networking, designing large scale software, performance, database, GUI, video card programming...
    My maths aren't my main skills by far, but I always find a way past (for example, I did many 3D projects on my own)

    The deal is simple, I work on a software free to you and in exchange I want help regarding business.

    So, I'm an OTM option but I don't intend to expire worthless.

    PS: and no, I'm not from eastern Europe :) I'm happy to realise video about the product as it evolve instead of executables to raise trust :)