High Probability Trend Strategy

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  1. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has a consistent trading strategy that they have used religiously thats good for someone who works a 9-5 and doesn't have to be glued to their screen. Im sure this question is asked a million times but im wondering if anyone has something thats held up in all market conditions
  2. Me too
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    check turtle strategy.
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    If you sit down with a day's candle graph and play with the available "technical indicators" you can come up with a number of interesting 'possibles' to play with. Start with a MACD -- broadly hated, but very much NOT understood. PLAY with it.
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    Dollar Cost Averaging?
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    Learn about covered calls or selling premium. These have actual probability based on price.
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  7. Yes there is. By definition, trend trading is to stick for a longer time to get most of the big moves.

    Livermore once said it is not the thinking that made him money but the sitting
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    Try trading on longer time frames and finding infrequent signals that could potentially match overbought and oversold conditions. We employ such systems for some of our guys https://automatedtrading.optimusfutures.com/
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    Going to take years for you to develop this, you have to spend much time of doing "what iffs", all the problems of price actions not holding up to the stats, you need to have answers before the questions and automate it. And it ongoing, just when you think you have designed your model to switch from trending to quick reversals, to slow reversals to chop to chop to false patterns to go back to chop to news events....and most of the time these situations are under risk management to stop from taking signals.

    For those who are 9-5, mutual funds.
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    good suggestion for a guy who works......but he has to work at this too
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