High probability price action by Dr Cornelius

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  1. This thread is for posting only high probability price action set ups.A picture says a more than a thousand words can describe , so please only post images and fewer words describing the set up.

    The high probability low risk entries at trend lines and support and resistance levels are ;

    Price goes above resistance line with an upward trend line , the price confirms the resistance by falling below the resistance line.

    Price goes below support line with an downward trend line , the price confirms the support by rising above the support line.

    The reversal move up or down has to be with momentum and 1/4 atr for day trading.

    This is my view.
  2. do you want posts for " grease trading " only......?

    pls advise.


  3. All posts on topic are welcome .No time wasters.Don't post about you personal lives.

    Here is a low risk high probability inside bar along a trend line
  4. Retracements to the trendline are confirmed support.Retracements to trend lines can be very profitable.
  5. Here is 6 buttocks to sit on .
  6. Dr Cornelius is currently editing his book on price action .He has planned three other books:D

    Dr Cornelius is not the same person as Cornelius Luca
  7. Loads of good scalping trades on 6 bottoms/tops .Green = buy ,white= sell.
  8. Lower long shadows showing divergence to indicators and signalling long.
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