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    By Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez.
    Anyone use this?

    " The 7 strategies in High Probability ETF Trading are each written with the idea that the accuracy rate stay between 85.6% to over 93.9%".

    Favorable reviews on Amazon.
  2. I'd love to know that as well
  3. I am surprised they work. It a fundamental rule of the market that any known technique or techniques that have been used for a while do not provide an edge. Unless you have modified them suitably.
  4. let's examine as an example the best technique from the book and see if it will stand the scrutiny of ET.

    i am sure Connors would not mind some of the techniques are discussed here - good advertisement for the book. don't own the book myself :(
  5. Good idea shortie. I hope marketsurfer wouldn't mind to discuss just one of those methods. They are in the public domaim now anyway. I'm really curious why people would disclose particular profitable techniques in a book and practically render them useless, instead of using them to make a lot of money.

    Except, if the techniques are general, like "buy when a breakout occurs and let your profits run". In that case they can be tailored to specific objectives.
  6. i find this sort of precision suspicious, what is this a microchip manufacturer? if black swan come it kill all the precisions

    i think the decision to buy or not to buy the book (i haven't read it) will be driven by a battle of two opposing forces:

    1) it's not free. you will have to trasnfer a certain amount of your hard-earned dollars to the authors of that book;


    2) it's been endorsed by ernest chan, ph.d., a quantitative (yet thoughtful) trader, whom i respect. i think he's careful about what he's endorsing. he's thoughtful and systematic in his approach to trading, his trading ideas are not over-engineered.

    i am not planning to buy the book any time soon. i am preoccupied with some non-trading related matters now. however, i plan to read the following three books in august:

    1) ernest chan, algo trading
    2) leinweber's new book on markets and technogy. powerful stuff.
    3) mark wolfinger's books on options. the leading options educator, in my opinion

    i have great respect for all three authors, because they are cautious and thoughtful. they tell you the truth.

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    List of trading strategies in the book, from Afraid To Trade blog:

    Introduction (Background)
    The 3-Day High/Low Method
    RSI 25 and 75
    R3 Strategy
    The %b Strategy
    The “MDU and MDD” (Multiple Days Up/Down) Strategy
    The RSI 10/6 and RSI 90/94 Strategy
    An Introduction to TPS
    Think Deeper
    Putting the High Probability ETF Trading Pieces Together
  8. Very original... especially the RSI 25 and 75....

    The real edge is the "think deeper" strategy...
  9. care to elaborate?
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