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  1. Anyone ever take their system from 3 to 6 monitors and just add a top row?

    I've got a three-monitor stand right now that is working well but I am wondering whether they sell stands that I can put behind the existing stand and let me put monitors above facing down so I can do 6 monitors on 1 system with 2 Radeon boards with Eyefinity. I went to Fry's and couldn't find anything that was like a "high back row" type monitor stand.
  2. There are 6 monitor stands on ebay for $130. Many shops sell stands at high prices -avoid them.
  3. Obviously you want more now, but have you liked your 3 monitor setup? I have a laptop and plug an additional monitor in when I am at my desk. I would really like to upgrade to a 3 monitor setup though so I could see the charts a little better instead of two smaller ones on one screen or having to switch back and forth.
  4. Yeah, I love the three monitor setup. I am not sure who made this stand, but it's one where there are giant screws to hold it on place. I put it on a heavy banquet table and put 1 26 inch monitor in the center and two LED 23 inch monitors on each side.

    I used to have 2 monitors on 1 system and 1 on another system, but I recently switched to putting all three on one computer. It was worth it. I don't use charts much, but the ability to program and monitor trades at the same time was worth it; however, now I'm running out of space again. I could use another monitor for news, and another two to drop down blotters, control panels, and depth of market screens.
  5. What's your current brand?

    I have ergotron stands and have exactly that - 3x monitors. I had six before 2x3 and just bought the extra brackets and a longer pole from Ergotron.

    Depending on the manufacturer of your stands you can probably do the same thing and just get an extended upright and add another row up top. 6x monitors is a lot of porn to watch...
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    `I run 8 monitors up until 2.1.11 I had 2 ergotron quad stands,
    but had local wood crafter build custom trade desk i designed
    Beautful setup, my monitors are Samsung 940T i bought over 5 years ago.
    Recently bough 2 more on ebay for backup in case one goes out
    since this is cutom build I am married to it.

    will post pic later.
  7. bungard - can you post a pic of your setup? Would love to see the desk.