High marks for President Obama on Hurricane Sandy response

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OnClose, Oct 31, 2012.

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  2. And Mitt Romney is handing out soupcans in Ohio. What a pussy! He won't even go near ground zero. Anyone who votes for that turd ought to be shot, hanged, and flayed, and then handed over to Islamic extremists.
  3. President Obama did a great fucking job.Bravo Mr President
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    Other than writing more overdrawn checks, what exactly has he done?
  5. Mitt Romney : "8 Million Americans still have no power."

    Obama: "8 Million and one."
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    He's a candidate, with no authority to do anything. What do you want him to do?
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    Its just bullshit. When Gallup and Rasmussen has an incumbent President behind one week before the election you are going to see some shenanigans.
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  9. Been reading your koran recently eh?
  10. When shit hits the fan who do want managing things? A newbie or someone who's had experience?

    Besides, Romney doesn't believe in wasting money on such frivolities as disaster relief. He would de-fund FEMA.
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