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    If anyone has high level contact information please post here....
  2. Lucrum


    As in someone who speaks English and actually knows what they are doing?
  3. rc5781


    As in someone who can start firing the right people...
  4. You have to be joking.
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    Hmmmmm.....How come I don't have all these problems with IB that these others have? I feel kinda left out.:mad: IB, please cause me some problems. Please.:p
  6. Surdo


    Mr. Milan Galik - Sr. VP of Software Devel.
    Joined in 1990 as a software developer.
    The head of software development for trading and risk management systems, as well as certain facets of IB’s brokerage system (exchange interfaces, smart-routing and front-end).
    M.S. from Technical University of Budapest in communications engineering with emphasis on digital signal processing.

    Dr. Thomas A. J. Frank - Chief Information Officer and Exec. VP
    Joined Timber Hill in 1985.
    Responsible for the development and maintenance of the Company's trading, processing, and communications systems. Presently, he concentrates on development of brokerage systems.
    Ph.D. in Physics from MIT 1985.

    Phone: 203-618-5800
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    IB employees....
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    IB is a public company. All the key info are public.
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    Maybe you guys would have less problems if you'd quit trying to use your broker as a data provider and paid an actual data provider to provide you with data.

    I think those of us who use IB for doing what they do best, sending orders and getting fills, have very few problems to complain about.
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    I used to be one of those with all these "problems" I think you may see from 1 or 2 of my posts from when I first joined I think until I realized the real problem, I didnt know what the fuck I was doing lol.

    Amazing the knowledge you gain when you stop blaming everything/one else for your problems and look at the REAL cause of your losses.
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