High LDL Cholesterol Is Not A Health 'Problem' & Other Facts

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  1. Humans were not designed to consume cow's milk. Stay away from the stuff.

    Avoid wheat if you can, too.

    And never, ever eat soy.

    High blood levels of any cholesterol (LDL, specifically) as a 'problem' is one of the biggest medical scams of all time - horseshit spread by cardiologists and big pharma to rake in uber profits on the biggest selling chemicals (statins) in the history of the fraudulent med/pharma racket.

    That is all.
  2. Is Atkins the best diet?

    Does God Exist?

    If a midget and a pig had a race who would win?

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    These three threads spark the most debate here
  3. please cite some well-controlled scientific studies to back this up
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  5. you are a cardiologist's wet dream
  6. ....all this shit about excessive beer drinking being bad for you is a crock too!!!
  7. excess *anything* by definition is bad for you, otherwise it wouldn't be in excess would it duh
  8. duh..it was a joke.duh...
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