High Hendry - Got to love how he tells it....

Discussion in 'Economics' started by AK100, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. AK100


    Like him or loathe him, Hugh Hendry is always a great read/listen to.

    Love the way he always sticks it to the main stream -

    The video below is about 1 hour and he speaks for about 10-15 mins (first he's given the mike, then he answers some questions later on.

    Put your headphones on and listen, it's Hugh at his best -

  2. Pompous prick. :)
  3. This was posted on another thread. Hendry is entertaining, and hopefully correct.:D

    What struck me most was Taleb's dogmatic insistence on being short the long bond. He must know that he's siding with the crowd in this trade. He should also be aware that nobody knows the future - he wrote the damn book about it for crying out loud.

    His experitse lies with profiting from fat tail events that are priced too low. I don't think he knows the first thing about directional trades, and it showed here.
  4. Check out Hendry's car...

    I like it.


    It shows humility to the people who have trusted him with their money.