High Frequency Trading

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    Can anyone point me to an internet site and/or book that explains everything that has to do with High Frequency Trading?

    I search Elite and found bits of information. Looking for more of all to know website.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. High Frequency Trading for an automated system?
  3. qtip


    I probably should have said that.

    Do discretionary traders have High Frequency Trading?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. I dunno.... I'd assume it would be called scalping a lot of stocks quickly.

    Perhaps you had meant scalping.

    High Frequency Trading I have only seen on this board with consideration to Automated trading.

    I think trying to pull of something on an automated system, except doing it yourself would stress anyone out badly.

    How many trades were you expecting to make?

    In the P&L forums, scalpers like Red Ink make about 50 - 100 trades a day, I have also seen others make over 200, but that I think that is rare.

    So more clarity is needed on what you want information on for anyone to help.
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    That shows you how much I don't know about it:)

    It has to be systematic and automated.
  6. Hehe, I don't know almost anything about it though, just what I here on the automated trading forums.

    Systematic.... a high frequency system would probably be systematic in order to bring consistent results. If it is systematic, in all likelyhood, it could be automated, so I guess that is how we get to that point.

    Beyond that, others will need to comment about where to find information about that.
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    Exactly! :D