High Frequency Trading World - Dec 6-8, Central Park, NY

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  1. Evaluate the market impact of high frequency trading and harness its potential by attending North America's premier HFT conference
    Join the leading hedge funds, proprietary traders, asset managers, brokers, exchanges, technology providers and institutional investors as they explore the opportunities and challenges ahead for HFT.


    So anybody else planing to attend this event ?
  2. rwk


    Just complete the simple forms to see how much you can save. And don't forget, you'll always save an extra $100 when you book and pay online with a credit card.

    Basic packages Currency: USD ($ United States Dollars)
    Gold pass: all 3 days $3,995
    2 day conference $2,995
  3. Is there




    included in the price ? :p
  4. All cheap talks, nothing about strategies?
  5. John Netto is speaking twice; that alone would be worth the price of admission.

    NYC is also attractive because of the wealth conscentration.

    Talk is cheap as you say.

    I'm sure there will be an abundance of HFT package reps there, too.
  6. I'm surprised the fee isn't $3,994.99999
  7. So they can sell you a $200,000 database and $100,000 annual data fees.
  8. can i have the exact co ordinates to order and book a napalm strike on this venue
  9. :D

    events like this are a scam. if you need to pay $3k (or $2,999.99999) to learn about HFT you are so far in over your head you would be better off throwing that $3k into any bucket shop and learning on a desk as you trade your account to $0
  10. Netto is a good man, but arguably out of his depth speaking about hi-freq. I've heard his talk already at a similar conference. He's not a hard-core quant or programmer.
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