High frequency trading/tape reading article

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  2. Wow. If I remember correctly a microsecond is 1 millionth of a second.
    Great article, thanks for sharing.
  3. excellent read. thanks.
  4. "High-frequency trading, fundamentally, when you look at what their algorithms are finding, they're almost a structured way of trying to front-run," said Jim McCaughan, chief executive of the asset management arm of Principal Financial Group, where he oversees about $215 billion in assets.

    This was so obvious YEARS ago , I'm embarrassed that it took so long for these clowns to catch on.

    All profit in daytrading is frontrunning.

    wtf is the discussion about.

    BAN co located servers. All they did was move the specialist advantage to the server farm.

    Fuggem all.
  5. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.