High Frequency Trading Strategies

Discussion in 'Trading' started by master718, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys

    I am looking for examples for high frequency trading strategies (holding time 10 seconds – 1 millisecond). I am not looking for any trade secrets, just out of the box ideas or general examples.

  2. Are you pertaining to scalp trading, most of my scalp positions aren't held for any longer then 1 - 30 seconds based off indicators on the NYOB/MM Book.
  3. There are tens of strategies that can hold for that period of time. Also I guess I should mention that I was talking about the equity markets.
  4. i would say look for a longer term intraday trend and then use tick/1 min charts for your actual entry and exits.

    trade with the wind at your back because trading costs and short term charts can eat your alive.
  5. Sound advice!!