High frequency trading is over.

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  1. "10,000 times the speed of light."

    Actually, it's much faster than that. As far as physicists can tell the 2 end points are a single object - which is hard to get your head around.

    Anyway, latency is over.
  2. Yeah, my quantum computer is nice. Circumvents the speed of light. Scalping is a snap. Don't all serious traders have one?
  3. No, it is not. It is theoretically over - but there is a hugh difference between havingt some experiment working in a lab and having a product (regardless how expensive) you can put into a rack at the exchanges data center ;)

    If anything it will take some more years to materialize - maybe it turns into another universal constant like hot fusion (which is always 10 years in the future, was so 20 years ago, too) becasue maknig boxes out of that is harder than people thought.

    It is quire amazing from the scientific foundation, though. Hello Einstein, was nice to meet you, so to say. You pumpo energy into an atom on one side, and the energy magically distrbutes between the entangled atoms. In zero time because they are "one mesh". If anyone ever comes up with an explanation how that is supposed to work under the hoods, please forward me a link.
  4. It's a good thing this OP/thread was a thoughtful post and somewhat tongue and cheek... I was getting ready to LMAO at some idiot whaling about how every loser TD Ameritrade cash account home gamer should write to their representative/senator about how HFT is the worst thing since the personal computer...
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    I have. My connection is so fast I'm actually going back in time as I trade. I shorted Whale Oil futures the other day, I'm betting crude oil will take over the world
  6. That is great. Please come visit the Jokes thread under Chit Chat. Thanks for a great laugh. :D
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    Wow… This type of stuff is incredible. It might be the answer to the bandwidth issues that the current telecom infrastructure is projected to experience over the next decade or so.