High Frequency Trading explained

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  1. Is Irene Aldridge confusing HFT with pairs trading in this video?
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    they used footage from the guy who does trade videos off you tube
  3. I noticed that too

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    I wonder if he is aware of that fact. The funny thing is that he is far from a HFT that they are showing on that segment.
  4. Steve's a member here.
  5. I thought it was hilarious:

    - Complete BS about HFT
    - Russian computer nerd
    - trader douchey-ness (note the straight face)
    - no concept of insider trading
    - Cow nipple work !

    Can it get any better than that :D
  6. Thanks for vid OP, funny stuff. Jon Kraukauer is interviewed in the next video (if you let it play) talks about his new book.
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    Or it could be just someone else using RediPlus platform?
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