High-Frequency Traders Push Closer to Light Speed With Cutting-Edge Cables

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by def, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. def

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    Firms aim to gain nanoseconds of advantage over rivals by using hollow-core fiber to convey data

    The arms race continues..

    "High-frequency traders are using an experimental type of cable to speed up their systems by billionths of a second, the latest move in a technological arms race to execute stock trades as quickly as possible...."

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  2. RedDuke


    Fantastic, eventually this tech will make to
    Real world with some super useful applications.

    meanwhile they can make their millions:thumbsup:
  3. ahem BILLIONS that comes out of our 401ks and etfs aqnd other funds of funds and pensions!! its a fucking tax! forget about costing winning and losing traders!
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  4. look at it this way. there is no transaction tax directly but if the HFT have guaratneed money gains they pay a short term capital gains tax! it is the GOV way of getting a transaction tax thru the taxation of big money gainers in teh hft space! understood...duh
  5. zdreg


    The world is always in a technological arms race. It is just the kind of technological arms race that affects how you well you sleep at night.
  6. Overnight


    It fills my heart with warmth that Interactive Brokers does not engage in illicit activity like this, such as front-running, etc. I mean, that's why you did not post what you posted, yes? It was so non-important to you, you started a whole new thread on this issue!

    Tell your pal Thomas to bite a chode. You're welcome.
  7. def

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    Have a rough day?

    It just might be possible I find this tech interesting and posted as others might be interested as well.
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  8. It would be nice if you could potentially address more pressing issues with your company's software that are raised in the IB dedicated channel...I mean, it's great you express interest in this topic but can you perhaps also attend to the issues users raise with tws? I raised a question and referenced you regarding strange chart behavior in tws.

  9. RedDuke


    you need to understand that IB strength is no charts. They are actually
    Quite weak. They not gonna change it. I advised earlier remedy via NinjaTrader
  10. There's a reason why your 500 share IBM order gets swallowed up in a nano second.

    If you want, use limit orders, if not, so it costs you a penny. Either way if you're trading
    a 100.00 stock for a penny from home, then you're not doing it right..
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