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    My partner and myself have written a code in C++ for trading ETF's. We have a successful 7 year track record trading ETF's. Using the same model we have successfully implemented the system to trade Ag Futures as well as Equity Futures. We can run the system with high frequency or slightly longer time frames. Our Trading System Software speaks volumes to; trading what you see and not what you think or feel. The algorithm‘s core engine is centered around price and supply / demand characteristics.

    This prevents the trader in holding a losing position too long while taking full advantage of trend expansion moves.

    1. A sound methodology

    2. Business trading plan

    3. Entries, Exits and 1st objectives based on average true range

    We are looking for an opportunity to start a group with in an established firm. We have capital but we would like the opportunity to build a group of 10-12 traders using our system. With an established firm we believe they will have the business model already in place and we can concentrate on the trading and software development of the system.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what firm we should contact please PM me or email me. Thank you.