High frequency, low risk - December Jigsaw Leaderboard Winner

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    It's time once again for us to reveal the winners of the Jigsaw Leaderboard - a monthly contest where traders compete to attain the highest consistency scores. Consistency leads to profitability so in most circumstances the highest in consistency is usually the highest in profits.

    This month was somewhat complicated by the holidays. The consistency rating is impacted by both the number of days traded and the number of days in profit.

    Vaidas with a profit of $16,729 for the month just got ahead of BK with a profit of $25,898 based on the fact he'd pulled in more profitable days.

    In addition, we had user "HighPockets" with a profit of $23,366 at 11th place purely because he had the good sense to stop trading on the 20th! User Banin17 pulled in $13,660 and again rated low because he didn't trade every day.

    The competition is usually winner takes all - but we decided to give BK a $250 cash consolation prize for doing so well.

    For full results, equity curves and other stats, click here to see the full announcement.
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    How did MrGekko in December ?
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    Gekko ended up on the month - no shock there but rated lower as not so many days traded.
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    Nice, good to hear. I like to see traders with consistency that goes beyond a week or a month...
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    So does Gekko's boss - he's in a prop firm!!
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    Hehe, understandable. Is it a US or a UK prop firm, if I may ask ?
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    Europe, but I don't want to say where as it's sort of divulging personal info.

    Pics of his girlfriend available on request...
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    That. Is. Fantastic.
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