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    I'm looking for a platform for high frequency automated trading. I've looked into FlexTrade's FlexFX and it seems to be pretty good. Can anyone recommend any others to look into?
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    Most of us here are high frequency, scalping autotraders. Ours is a new brokerage created by a bunch of autotraders.

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    If you're going to create a new alias to spam your MetaTrader bucket shop, at least pay the advertising fee.
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    Sorry for violating protocol. But truth be told, no counterparty, period, so no bucket.

    As for the alias, it's me, I swear. Well, I can't account for all my sanity, most of it is gone, but the rest of me is there. I think : - )
  5. By high frequency what do you mean? My definition is x trades per second or a trade within a second. If you mean 100 trades per day it's very different and people may answer differently IMO.
  6. I am too interested.

    Is there a list of brokers anyone has?
  7. What are the monthly charges for using FlexFX ?
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    If your trading depends on latency, consider direct to API. We found that going through MT4 adds a little latency, probably less than 5ms.

    The location of your trade server has a more significant impact on latency for high-freq trading.

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  9. I want to find an affordable solution that is low-latency. MT4 takes about 2 sec to even trade...
    That's why I'm interested to find out about that Flex platform, because it sounds nice, integrates fx with futures and options, and it's professional.
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    I think that it might be your broker, or your latency to your brokers server, or their latency to their LP.

    We literally execute many trades per second in MT4 in our personal autotrading systems, and perhaps more than that since we trade many many systems together, so our "mother" system is constantly adjusting positions.

    Seriously, if people that saw the number of trades we execute personally, they would call us insane. We used to go direct to API, but since our new arrangement, we funnel through MT4 and don't see any slowdown really to speak of. We did however relocate trade servers close to our execution server, and LPs.

    2 seconds is quite ridiculous, and not related to MT4 at all.

    Check your latency to your live server, then ask your broker to report their latency to their LP's. Therein lies your problem, and hence solution.

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