High freq Scalpers?

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  1. I have used several platforms and switched to sterling lately for a high frequency based scalping strategy that I use. I am not going to bash Sterling, but is it just me or this platform does not have the speed and functionality to deploy high fequency scalping. I am seriously considering switching to Lightspeed and paying a bit higher of rates, is it worth the switch? Thanks
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    Does lightspeed still have that market moving freeze problem?
  3. Sterling is a single-threadded application. What type of processor/CPU are you running it on? What operating system?

    You said high freq scalp, are you trading manually or is this fully automated? Are the delays from the quote or execution server - or are they on your box? Are you using a DDE/RDP in excel?
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    Try Laser- lightning executions, charting is weak though.
  5. I am not running anything complex at all three monitor setup, dell 755. My trading is manual typically not holding positions for more then 3-10 seconds. Using the arrow keys scrolling up/down for a increase/decrease in price seems to lag.
  6. i think laser or light speed will be much cheaper for you as sterling has a $150 software fees.
    Lightspeed does freeze up sometimes but i love Lightspeed ,my personal preference
    All software have their problem.

  7. couldnt have said it better
  8. I have used Lightspeed in the past for a HFT strategy, at times of high volume the platform would freeze, the amount of bandwith it was using was also much higher the sterling (which I switched back to after two months). The selection of ECN's and dark pools also sucked when I was using it. The one positive thing I can say about lightspeed was the support from their staff was great but that is about it.
  9. It is kinda my opinion unless you are automating trading, software is software is software
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