High eye pressure

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  1. I got back form my optometrist and he detected "elevated eye pressure" and I will be seeing a specialist in December. What treatment did you guys get with "elevated eye pressure"? I did a Google search and it looks like medication.
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    A sharp stick in the offending eyeball usually does the trick.

    Which reminds me I had my eyeball removed when I was a teenager. Wide awake for the whole thing. Had to have a shot in the eye they were removing before the procedure. I don't recall it hurting as much as you might think.

    In your case I think it is medication though.
  3. I got stitches in my pupil 3 separate times when I was a kid, and had to have patches over both eyes for 3 weeks, and one eye for 6 months to relieve the pressure. It was a very serious injury.
    That was a long time ago though. :)
  4. Is there a possibility of Glaucoma? If so, this may be your ticket to some legal reefers...
  5. The specialist prescribes a series of drops which will cause the pressure in the offending eye to decrease (one or several medications used either morning, night or both depending on how many medications prescribed). Make sure to use the drops as prescribed without missing a dose. This condition occurs quite frequently in the older population, and the drops often cure the problem over time (weeks).

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  6. Thanks for all the replies.

    RE: "Is there a possibility of Glaucoma?"

    I think the medical term for "elevated eye pressure" is glaucoma and it can range from not serious to serious.
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    It's not a big deal at all. Just an eyedrop before bedtime and you should be all set. In rare cases (like mine) you might have to have one or more eye surgeries. But, I don't believe that's common in many cases (my glaucoma was injury induced)

    Best of luck, and no worries.