High Energy Costs Can be a Good Thing

Discussion in 'Economics' started by TraderZones, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. It isn't just cars that are slimming down. Cargo/Container ships also use a huge amount of fuel, and contribute about 4.5% of the world's CO2.

    This image is a design for adding a parafoil to ships in the open ocean (much more efficient than sails). It can save a huge amount of energy.

    So I say, keep the prices up - it will FORCE us to eventually slash oil usage and this, imports.

  2. good indeed. now put a retractable solar panel and like the convertibles, put it out in the sun to act as a sun shade and generate energy too.
  3. Interesting idea with the parafoils, however it may be a problem if the wind blows from the wrong direction :)
    Solar energy is still an expensive alternative energy source at this point. A ship takes years to build. Any major changes to the type of energy used will happen at best 10 years down the road ....
  4. Get that cable snagged around the prop and it will be ugly. So we think the Onedin Line is coming back?

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  5. trade..

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  6. Yeah, high energy prices can be fantastic.

    Oh, unless you are poor.

    ///common sense'd