High Drama in Copenhagen (per Administration Officials)

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  1. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalp...-copenhagen-per-administration-officials.html

    "A senior administration official says the president “barged into the meeting,” where he joined China’s Wen, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and South Africa's President Jacob Zuma.

    The reporters’ pool note from that time said that President Obama walked into the room and called out from the door, “Mr. Premier, are you ready to see me? Are you ready?”"

    Pretty embarrassing behavior by a US President.
  2. Has he had any behaviors that you <i>haven't</i> been embarrassed by?
  3. It was interesting to read the article. South Africa was a first world nation until the nineties. Now it is a recipient of aid. What a sad state of affairs.
  4. A representative from Sudan for a major bloc of developing nations (G77) has called a draft climate deal in Copenhagen the "worst in history."
    Lumumba Stanislas Dia-ping of Sudan, chairing the Group of 77 and the bloc of 130 poor nations, accused the United States and host Denmark of trampling on the rights of poor countries.
    "Today's events really represent the worst developments in climate change negotiations in history," Dia-ping told reporters.
    Great job Obama....Way to get America's reputation good again.