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    When I open my trading app my cpu spikes to above 90% it just started doing this in the last few weeks the only thing I changrd is the monitors
  2. start by removing the monitor(s) and temporarily putting back the old one(s).
    Verify the CPU spike is related to the monitor itself, then continue troubleshooting. You can try to cut down the resolution or play around with the video controls to see if they have any effect as well.
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    Thanks I chnged from 2 19 inch to 22 inch should that make a difference its a intel dual core and the video card is a ati 256
  4. Really can't say for certain, as I am not familiar with the specific hardware. However, that is the method I would begin to troubleshoot. Make certain it is the monitors that are causing the surge, and work from there. If the old monitors put back in cause the same surge, it's possible some settings may have been changed by the new drivers?

    As I said, if it is indeed the monitor, go into control display settings and cut the resolution way down. That will decrease some of the internal clocks that my be causing large power draw. Enough so, that you can see if the new monitors are directly 'causing' the spike in draw.
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    Thanks again I would do that but i gave the monitors away I want to buy a new computer but dont want vista thats why i havent yet maybe I should just breakdown a do it . I appreciate you help and qick response.

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    where should my cpu usage be im running lightspeed and esignal?
  7. Did you try the test I mentioned? Go into control panel/display: cut the resolution all the way down to the minimum. Reboot.

    Then what happens to the power draw while running your trading apps. If even at that very low resolution, it is maxing out. I would next maybe assume some clock settings have been changed with the new monitor drivers. You might have to play a bit with that area. Try to isolate it.

    If you already ran these apps before on the prior monitors, and had low draw, I don't see why it should be the apps. If you can, also try to alter any settings in the apps graphics if available (ie. static display). Keep walking through the steps to isolate the problem and also google to see if others had a similar problem.

    If you are using multiple monitors, disconnect the others and only have one loaded. Observe the power draw again.
    Best of luck.
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    thanks just tried the lower res cpu was alot less but its sat. night so no data coming from esignal or lightspeed i will try monday to see what happens again thank you

  9. If you go to task mgr, processes, then click on CPU heading twice, it will show you what apps are hogging the cpu with greatest demand at the top of the list. Hope this helps.
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    Esignal has lots of memory leaks so it maybe a good idea to restart you PC every day. Also have you installed anything new lately?
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