High Court Confirms "Saddam to Hang"

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  1. Iraq's high court confirmed Saddam's death sentence today. They say that he must hang within 30 days.....Ho.......Ho......Ho

    I am betting that the tape of his execution will available on the internet within minutes of his execution...I am sending out invitations to watch on my new flat panel display.


  2. You seem rather excited. Are you a neo-commie?

    Neo-commies had Saddam killed so that the fundamentalists could have free reign and cause havoc in the region. It's all beginning to make sense now.
  3. Saddam is still very much alive.

    When you sober up, try posting something coherent and I will be glad to reply.

    For those of us who do understand English;

    Saddam will be turned over to the Iraqi Authorities between now (Thursday, December 28th) and Sunday. What I hear is that he will be hanged before New Year's Day. What does interest me is what happens after that.

    Right after Zarqawi beheaded those contractors, you could view the film of the act on the internet. Wasn't that nice? What I think is appropriate now is for the film of Saddam's execution to be available on the net immediately, and perhaps on satellite TV as well. I think these sons of bitches should get a little of their own medicine.

  4. Someone will sneak in a cyanide capsule for him...
  5. Well, a lot of these state executions have been broadcast over time, but do you really think the administration would allow it?
    And what are the dimensions on your flat screen?
  6. OK then, its done. Saddam was dragged, kicking and screaming like a bitch, to the gallows where he was hanged to death.

    The hanging was conducted by the Iraqi Authorities. During the process Saddam complained about the videotaping, then became verbally abusive to his handlers and finally had to be restrained and handcuffed. In the end, this once proud dictator was reduced to a sniveling, whining pile of crap. He had to be supported on both sides so that the noose could be properly placed around his neck. Although the "drop" usually snaps the prisoner's neck, killing him instantly, it did not work that way this time. Poor old Saddam kicked and groaned several times before going still. He was pronounced dead at approximately 7:18 Pacific Standard Time.

    The video should be available by tomorrow at several internet sites.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  7. Saddam and his evil regime is gone. Muammar al-Gaddafi caved as well and his weapons program has been dismantled. Good to see 2 of the most evil people in the world are now powerless.
    A good day indeed. A big thank you to all those involved bringing these individuals down.
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