High-Capacity Magazines used in Mass Shootings resulted in 54% more deaths

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    A new report released by Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) shows that assault weapons and high-capacity magazines played a large and deadly role in mass shootings over the last four years.

    According to the report, 20 percent of mass shootings since 2009 either involved a high-capacity magazine or an assult weapon. The FBI defines a “mass shooting” as any incident where at least four people were murdered with a gun.

    The comprehensive analysis, which went through FBI data and media reports to include every mass shooting between January 2009 and January 2013, determined that 43 mass shootings – nearly one per month – occurred in 25 different states. In addition, 9 percent of those mass shooting occurred in schools.

    The report indicated assault weapons or high-capacity magazines were used in 12 of the 43 mass shootings that have occured in the last four years, resulting in an average of 15.6 people shot per shooting – 123 percent more than in other incidents. In addition, shootings involving assault weapons or high-capacity magazines resulted in 54 percent more deaths than in other shootings.

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    So, more efficient weapons allow an individual to kill more people per unit time? Never would have guessed! ; )
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    Four whole years of "data" huh?

    Can you say "cherry picking"?
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    Yet another brainless, feel good, give the socialist a warm fuzzy feeling, looks good for the life-wing media, anti-gun policy.

    It takes about 1 second to change a magazine.
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    Then you won't care about magazine size restrictions. Thank you.
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    Once again you demonstrate a common affliction so common amongst socialists.

    You miss the point entirely.

  7. LOL !!!!
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    Easily amused?
    (It's a rhetorical question son)
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    Actually most of us do care, moron.
  10. Other facts:
    Mass shooting victims are mostly white. Big push now to find ways to limit singular incidents of mass shootings...ie protect white people.

    Handguns deaths are 72% of all shooting deaths, most are minorities.
    Very little effort being made to deal with this problem.

    If only we had a Black president who understands and cares about the violence affecting the minority communities.
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