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  1. I would like to hide my positions so that my brokers don't know my track record and to prevent that they piggyback my trades.
    Can i open positions with one broker and close them with another broker?
    I'm a daytrader in Eminis.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. Example,

    Go long from one broker 10 cars in ES at 1300.

    Go short 10 cars at 1320 in another broker if that is your profit target.

    Now you are hedged. When you want to go long or short again then close one of the positions out, rinse and repeat. Watch your maintenance margins very carefully and don't over leverage.

    With all of that being said. I think you are too paranoid. Brokers make their money through commissions and market doesn't give a damn about your position.
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    What makes you think Brokers "piggyback" their customer's trades? For futures we are Introducing Brokers to Penson Futures. Neither Penson nor my firm would be interested in your strategy from that point of view.
  4. Thanks for the reactions.

    I have worked for a very big american broker. I saw how people at the desk copied trades of succesful traders for their own account. They were very interested in succesful trading strategies.
  5. The more people who buy with you the better the trend.
  6. His point may be different: he does not want to give a valuable thing for free, which is laudable?
  7. Like IB ...
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    This would not happen at my firm. We don't have a trading desk and the people that would service your account would never do that.
  9. What if he does not want to rely on trust, but rather on certainty built in his procedures not in someone else procedures?
  10. I invested 15 years of research in my trading, not to mention the amount of money i lost before becoming profitable. Nobody helped me, many laughed and joked, so why should i give everything for free?
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