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  1. When I was young I would collect different currencies. Today I purchased daily essentials from old currency which are still accepted in the economy because I know the world economy is in serious trouble so after sometime old currency will be worthless (not accepted).

    I am thinking many billions of old currency will be released into world economy because of serious world problems.

    World people will sell ancient gold and silver and the price will fall to some extent. People have gold which had been purchased at $10 per ounce.
  2. Gold has returned average profit of 28% per annum for past 10 years. My suggestion is that elitetrader members and viewers will earn 100% profit is year 2011 from Forex and stocks. So sell your gold and silver and invest the same money in Forex and stocks.

    I think today gold price is $2000 per ounce but ordinary world people are selling their gold to fight high inflation but big buyers are buying gold due to War fears so gold is $1540 per ounce today.
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    The best investment of the decade is with silver its undervalued.