Hidden market and dark pools

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradersboredom, Mar 2, 2009.

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    Why do sellers and buyers of securities need they need to keep their shares to buy or sell SECRET.

    wtf. either you want to sell or buy no hidden orders or secret markets where shares are not recorded in public companies.

    they have rules agains insider trading and front running i mean what is with all these secret markets.

    ban all hidden orders and secret markets.

    some of the market participants who are long in public record are short in private accounts.

    that is why news is bulshit..only thing you need to watch is price action and volume.

    markets have been flat for 4 months, we are due for some dead cat bounce. anyone going for the dead cat bounce? last call.

    stock that were daytradeable in 2005 aren't daytradeable anymore, some stock are basically graveyards dead.

    currency market wasn't daytradeable in 2006 now forex is daytradeable.
  2. Are you seriously asking this question?
  3. of course he's not serious. no one is really that dumb. (I hope):confused: :confused: :confused: