Hidden Island Orders

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  1. Which brokers offer these type of orders
    IB don't at the moment, does anyone know if they plan to in the future?

    Does anybody make much use of hidden orders, (pm me about them if you would prefer not to talk openly about using them).
  2. Actually, IB does support hidden - At least through their API

    ChoiceTrade, NobleTrading and Trade Wall Street have it. Others have reserve order - basically where you can specify the size of the order that will be displayed on Level II. (Ameritrade, MB Trading)
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    IB supports hidden Island Orders.
    You can also choose to show only a part of your order (eg. 100 shares out of 1000), I believe it's called Iceberg Order
    I use them everyday
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    How do you know another person isn't pennying you with another hidden order? If you were a real man, you'd show your order (so I can penny it). :p
  5. Wow, this is really good news that IB offers hidden orders. I must admit I was told by another trader that IB did not offer this facility and did not bother to check with IB that this was correct.

    How exactly do I place a hidden order on island using IB?
  6. iceberg for futures on IB ?

    oops ... wrong thread :)
  7. hunter/seeker orders are available on INET(formally ISLD and INCA) and BRUT. Any platform that allow you to tgt ECNS should have these types of orders available.
  8. How can I use a 'hidden order' to give me an advantage over my regular limit order? Thanks!
  9. There's very little advantage, and some disadvantage. Unless you are a player (very large size) , you're wasting your time.

    I only use it to avoid someone else jumping ahead of me by a penny or less.
  10. I use TWS, wondering whether IB offers this order through TWS? Thanks!
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