Hidden Divergence Trades

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  1. Anyone else using HD trades in their cache of signals?

    Here is a NQ trade from Friday with a HD trade entry at 2112.50 ;


    I use these for trend following signals and I have found them to be powerful set-ups that happen many times a day.
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    is this Felton trade method?
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    This is not one of the divergences I'd entertain (even though it worked out in retrospect). If prices made new high, but stoch didn't, I'd consider shorting. This assumes that the lookback of the stochastics made sense relative to the seperation of the peaks.
  4. Hidden Divergence trades are very different from a counter trend style standard divergence trade like this one from Friday ;

  5. Yes..this is one of several trade entry methods and styles they teach.
  6. I use to feel the same way...now that I see and take these trades in context of how I use them, I would never pass them up anymore.
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    not bad, now let's see if they can come thru with more than 5 days trial for ETer.:)
  8. No JJ, Roger is teaching different methodology and entry criteria than what TI was doing. Same thing I initially thought too until I checked out everything Felton is doing..I am very pleased with what I have learned.
  9. HD trade from the DAX the other night......

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    Please keep this thread focused on the strategies, and not your opinion on various trading courses.
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