Hidden billionaires

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  1. Forbes lists first 1000 billionaires only. But there are more than 1000 billionaires. Maybe 2000 or more (not sure).

    I had a argument with a person who claimed to have earned 6% profit per month for some 11 years.

    There is a possibility there are some hidden billionaires in this world because some people say there are plenty of industries that provide high income (10% or 30% per month) for a long time. Online forums have many many stories who claim to earn high profits.
  2. I would venture to say there is not one billionaire here...

  3. I am confident some billionaire must have read elitetrader at some point of time. Not always. Many people do not register.
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  6. I agree 100%.

    I read 2 stories of very high profits in the past few days so I posted here.
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    So nowadays only being a billionaire can make someone happy/respected/statisfied/wealthy?

    Talking about inflation....
  8. I think every successful and famous person is accused of being a fraud at some point of time by somebody. I have not read Rich Dad, Poor Dad but this has been recommended by many people.
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    Would definetely recommend "Rich Dad Poor Dad "

    Read it when I was mid to late twenties, when I had neither decent savings nor career and found quite a bit of good advice in this book. It's been a few years now and my situation has greatly improved but still remember sometimes parts of it.

    Simple and inspiring, although I've never been intoo real estate.
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