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  1. I just purchased a new PC and when I click on my options to shut down my comp I can only completely turn off or restart, my option to stand by or hibernate is greyed out and I cant click it

    Does anyone know how I can make this function work? Thanks
  2. Check Control Panel/Power Options/Hibernate tab and see if it's checked.
  3. When I go to power options I dont see any thing like that
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    Is that a Russian computer?...:eek:
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    On my Dell, if I hit the shift key, the "Standby" button changes to "Hibernate". Did you try that?
  6. Contact the tech department of the company that made your PC.

    They will guide you if the suggestions here have not worked.

    I suspect you don't have enable the hibernate nor the standby feature.

  7. Right click on the desktop
    Go to the screensaver tab

    Click on Power

    Under power schemes you may get the system standby option, otherwise try the Advanced tab and assign a key to it.

    Click on the Hibernate Tab and then click Enable Hibernation
    Click on the
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    This brings up an interesting question ??????

    Which is better ???

    Hibernate or stand by ???????

    What's the differences ?????

  9. On my system that's password protected...

    If I go into hibernation...to start it back up again I need to input my password.

    However, if I go into standby...to start it back up again I don't need to input the password.

    I'm sure there's other differences but that's what I know off the top of my head.

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    Thanks and it's nice to see you posting again. :)
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