Hi, with times like these, is your profile your concern?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FREElunch, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Hi I’ve been reading here on ET for some time and it seems to me that for all members that posted 150 or more times. (lets not even mention those with 1000s posts)

    If one goes back to read these posts, you can really get a feel for what kind of person someone is. And half the time, even how they are trading with some guesswork of course

    And it is also really clear who knows their thing. My question to you people is. Are you at all concerned that someone like servants of patriot act or someone else who has your IP and name, would be able to basically get your complete psych profile, and know your mind inside and out.

    Does it bother your that you are leaving mental fingerprint on net, that can not be erased.
    Did you even know that you are doing it???????

    PS my father is servant of patriot act, he says that techies call chats and threads "gold mines"
  2. What makes you think they dont already have it?

    BTW, were you aware you dont exist?
    That must be disconcerting.:)
  3. ER9


    Oo...hides marijuana under the keyboard....thats not mine i swear iv'e never seen it before......im not guilty i didn't do anything wrong.....i dont know any of these people.....dont beleive anything i say.......they say....oh man what am i saying.......

    not much different than spending a little time talking to a stranger.....its not like its rocket science or some great revelation getting a feel for a persons personality, behavior and possible habbits......if your smart (operating word=smart) and you really want to hide your self you arent blabbing all over the internet. lucky for us most criminals and bad guys aren't very smart, its the ones who are that i'm worried about...not some knucklehead who browses the internet creating a "profile"....and yeah we make it easier to be profiled but any agency with an ounce of skill can get any and all the same information from other places.....besides you can use information to your advantage as well ;) dont beleive everything you read though...some people might be full of shit ......
  4. ER9, im baffled by your post.

    Are you suggesting, security services , who (presumably ) use this stuff as input fodder are "knuckleheads"?

    If you are, i agree .
  5. Here's my psych profile. With few exceptions, politicians aren't worth the price of the bullet that it would take to get rid of them. They are guilty of perpetuating a worthless existance with every breath they take.
    back in a minute, there's someone at the door.:p
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    acronym, no i was referring to potential terrorists/criminals that might be cought from info gleamed from the net.

    although the OP was referring to internet information gathering in general i was referring to its intended real *cough*use.

    my point i was trying to make was that although these are bad guys that info gathering would catch are good having off our streets i dont think the patriot act and data mining are any more harmfull to average people (no criminal intent) than other meathods of information gathering....just quicker and nosier. im more worried about the 14 year old with hacking skillz than i am about the nsa knowing my psychological profile.

    i also mention that the really bad guys i worry about the most you arent going to catch from their web browsing habits.