Hi to everyone! I am new!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GiaMa, May 17, 2003.

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    Hi to everyone, I am from Italy and new to these really interesting Forums.

    I do not know if this place is the right one to talk about single stocks.
    If so, I would suggest this: PCS

    A bullish engulfing with high volume near a support area.
    Interesting, according to me, in a retrace between 3.50 and 3.65
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    This is a "table" that describe "how" the volume of friday was traded.

    On the left you can see the volume traded on the Bid, Mid or Ask side of the book.

    On the right, each vertical green bar rapresent 30 minutes of market (i.e. the first vertical green bar is from 9.30 till 10 a.m., the second is from 10 till 10.30 and so on...)
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    last 9 days
  4. GiaMa

    1. What price have you already bought at and how many shares?

    2. What price is your stop/loss protection at?

    3. What price(s) are your profit-targets?

    My point is this...if your going to recommend something...at least disclose your investment (if any) and your recommendation for stops and profit-targets...

    a lot easier to measure the performance in the future via reviewing what you say today.

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    Hi, NihabaAshi.

    I'm sorry if my post sounded "bad". I'm not here to sell neither books, trading systems, newsletter or other things. Be sure of this.

    I am new to this forum but I'm known in an Italian Forum where we are used to talk even about stocks and possible trades.

    I'm not recomending anything but just started talking about an interesting stock (according to me) that was near a supportive area. I would have liked if someone started to talk with me only about this technical view.

    I'm not here to "battle" to show if I am better than others or not. As many traders, I lose, sometimes I gain... but more often I search and talk modestly about possible trades.

    By the way the stock has 9.5 mlns share as 10 days average so it's even impossible tu "pump" this. ;)

    Well, your idea about a take profit?

    According to me, as the high part of the window is 4.33$, a "prudent" take profit could be 4.15-4.20.
    Others would prefer to "stay on" and put a protective stop on a close < 3.93 (high of 7 may). Others are used to follow with a trailing stop.

    Again, sorry if I said something wrong, but I am not here to say "I bought at 4... I sold at 5... I am a millionaire...".
    I am here to talk about my ideas (that sometimes could be wrong) and to find interestings hints or answers.

    Hope to meet you soon again. :)
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  7. Hi Fruity, good to see you posting again...