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  1. Anyone trade the news? Sometimes seems kind of risky but some people make a full time business out of just trading major news. Here's a video I just saw from CNBC currency on how to trade the jobs report. http://www.cnbc.com//id/47482148
  2. Hi Marie,

    No I don't trade the news, myself.

    I have noticed on some FOMC days (when the market is anticipating and important announcement) you will get a whipsaw effect. That is if it jerks upward then it should spike down and then more slowly back up.

    However, I did read a book where one of the strategies was trading the earning reports for stocks. It was called "rule the freaking markets"

    I hope it helps.

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    Good trading to you.
  3. Trading the News = Gambling

    Don't be a sheep, what ever is announced in the news is already known by Smart Money - there is no edge for retail discretionary traders in trading the news...

    News Channels are lagging indicators: they tell you what happened after the fact... glorified cheer leaders...

    Ignore the substance of the news, "but always be aware of the release time's and treat News events for what they are, "Volatility events"

    You should always be aware of the events and key times which can provide Volatility

    Major events: FOMC/ECB announcements & Press conferences, Unemployment reports/rates, housing, etc...

    These being usually 08:30 EST, 09:30 EST US open, 10:00 EST, EU close 11:30 -- 02:00 EST EU pre-open, 03:00 EST EU open

    You can reference various economic calendars for example: http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php

    Ignore the pundits, they all have hidden agendas. Do your homework, be prepared and rely on your trading signals. Apply proper risk and money management, take your signals, take your stops, rinse and repeat...

    Don't rely on luck, only consistent luck in trading is bad :)

    Trade well
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    Hi Marie D;
    Yes & no. Yes i find some things on CNBC,CBN, Bloomberg,FOX to be helpful. Jim Rogers on CNBC...........

    But many of the headlines are more funny than profitable;
    S&P 500 UP on Housing Hope:D {Most housing prices are down,JPM ,BAC have called it a market bottom in housing,LOL. Sure;
    especially since bear trends /downtrends are full of bottoms.LOL

    And on a more positive note Bloomberg broke the big story.''Spain Delays & Prays That Zombies Repay Debt''[bloomberg.com]

    Some get the news thru weekly charts/graphs;
    so I am agreeing with being well informed:cool: