Hi there, i'm new and looking for a GOOD online trading simulation.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Vel, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. Vel


    I'm currently using Lycos investment challenge.

    it's killing me. it definately won't let me do what i want to because it takes a half hour for an order to go through :(

    Are there any simulations out there that actually work on real time?
  2. Almost any online direct access firm will have a trading simulator with 200k to 1million in fake buying power....just be careful and don't let it go to your head....normally you won't buy 10,000 shares of MSFT and normally, you don't get automatic fills below the current market price :D ...i was using one last week and that was the case, no matter what price i put up for a limit order it got taken. good luck
  3. Vel


    well i actually will hopefully be setting it up using realistic money. For instanc,e yeah they might toss me 200k in my account, but I'm only going to be using probably 5 k of it to simulate what I would actually make if I did have 5 k to blow, tho' I know they say don;t start unless you got 30k. .

    I did a trade before using realfasttrader.com's simulator which is very nice, and i pretended i had 50k, and bought that much in Microsoft. i sold it back about a minute later and made 114 bucks profit, figuring in after comission. I'd love to start small and work up to 50k. Then a hundred, and so on and so forth. it seems so easy as lng as you have a little bit of knowledge and not let people get to you saying that it's too risky and you're going to lose your head. I'm unmotivated , and seeing how much i can make by playing this game of sorts really motivates me, I don;t need the nay sayers to drag me down into their misery too.

    So...Is that how the trades "really" work in the real world?

    Any day traders here want to maybe give me a quick sample rundown of how their trading day goes (like what you do when you get up in the morning, what sites to you load up and what do you look for, etc., any sites or news briefs that are usually dead on...)
  4. It does seem so easy. And it would be so easy if you had extroardinary luck in picking.

    But it can be just as easy, actually easier, to pick them wrong and lose