Hi, I'm Sicktrader II, Not the Banned One

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  1. Look mods, please give me a warning before you ban me and nix my threads. I honestly have something to show people here. If you believe that I am a farce after a week, then feel free to ban me. I'll post my trades over t2w if you have a problem. Will be here for duration, unless you ban me again. Please, keep me informed. Oh, I would like my first name back when you get a chance. Thanks much.
  2. I was looking forward to your thread. What happened.
  3. why are you so darn desperate to "prove" how worthy you are?
  4. Your banning was likely not for anything related to trading, but for your x-rated emoticons.

    If you leave out the PN'F and the urinating monkeys I don't think the mods will bother you.
  5. Sicktrader I & II,

    You have many interested in your trading. Let those who choose to entertain themselves with & without intellectal insults be whilst you trade.

    We look forward to your sharing of knowledge and experience.
  6. Sicktrader, I look forward to seeing you trade. The best of luck. Please ignore people that do not agree with you or write against you. Please don't get angry or post insulting icons. You are just getting more people not to like. I look forward to seeing you succeed and showing us something different, however all of us supporting u are also getting tired of seeing these arguments.

    People reading: PLEASE DO NOT POST until we see the first trade. Lets just comment on the trades only.

    SICKTRADER u promised to be up and running today so we expect to see some trades today.

    Good luck!
  7. Im on your side sicktrader, but if you're not gonna start the journal until Friday (Ffor example) than dont start the thread until then.
    Has the Account been funded yet?
  8. Pekelo


    Hey Sicky, I am running low on popcorn too now, and the show hasn't even started yet. Is there time for me to go out and get a refill?

    2 advices:

    1. If you keep getting banned, you could just start a blog with timestamps on it, post the trades there and link it here.

    2. Start a system on C2, you could get lots of extra money if you are really good (doubtful) and have a record that you can show around. Much more reliable than timestamped posts...

    I think I am going for a refill now....
  9. jjf



    Just post your live trades in the weekends and you should be safe from the mod squad.

    Just stick to the ES for the sake of simplicity.

    My guess is that your account won't do better than b/e

  10. xburbx


    banned? why? lame
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