Hi, I'm Peg Leg Joe

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peg_leg_joe, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. She cries....


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  2. js1257


    First post I'm going FPC, such a distinguishable style. Just come back as fpc we need some entertainment. You're good at that. But if you want to be peglegjoe goforit
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  3. is it your 3rd leg that is a peg ??

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  4. No, but the ladies tell me it's like a big wooden log. The peg leg, that is. :D You wasn't thinking no impure thoughts, now was ya?

    Actually, if you've had the grave misfortune of having had the Lornena Bobbit treatment done on your member, don't get a "peg leg" replacement for it. It's the 21st Century, man. There are now lifelike prosthetics available in all shapes and sizes. You can look like Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights, but you still won't feel nuthin' though.
    :( :mad: :confused:
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