Hi, I'm Peg Leg Joe

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  1. Howdy, folks. They call me Peg Leg Joe, or PLJ for short. I don't actually have a peg leg, but I know an awful lot about 'em.

    I hope that everybody will be nice to me towards me. I like nice, happy people:) :) :)

    I also like to trade the markets, but I suck at it real bad. Still, I keep going at it as if a whole year of consistent losses hasn't taught me I don't have the right stuff to be a trader. :(

    Let's be friends!!!!

    Bye, Now!!!! :D
  2. so tell us, plj, what, in your experience, is the main misconception the public holds about peg legs?
  3. rs7


    Henny Youngman.

    C'mon FPC...use your original nonsense. It's much funnier.

  4. LOL
  5. Babak



    you mean 'peace' [as in fred]....right?

  6. rs7


    Nope,,, FPC gets a special sign off. 'Cause I know he is always looking for a "piece" whether it be a piece of ass, a piece of the action, whatever.

    Everyone else gets the standard:

  7. i'm just lookin for a little luv and acceptance, rs7 :-D
  8. rs7


    I understand completely. Thus I wish you "piece"!!!

    :) :)

  9. can you jokers please quit it... we're here to talk peg legs dammit
  10. rs7


    ...Talking about "peg legs"...you watch The Sopranos? That Svetlana .... pretty hot peg leg. Tony did her. (He does 'em all.... Sort of like the Italian FPC).

    Happy now Dan?????

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