Hi, I'm a Tea-Partier

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    Great video. Credit here.

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  2. HI, I'm a Leftist. I lost my job, my home and all my money. I'm voting to re-elect Barney Frank. He's my kinda' guy.
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    Hehe, pretty good video, lot of truth to that.

    I also liked the one where the one wants the iphone4 and the other one is telling him he should get the HTC.
  4. There's a lot of bullshit in that video actually. Most tea party supporters care nothing about the gay issue one way or another, and are pro choice. They also didn't mention that there's nearly a 100% disapproval of Bush amongst the tea party. Cheap propaganda.

    LOL@ "mild disappointment with Obama". The left used to be so much better at propaganda...

  5. Great Video
  6. I've been to a couple of tea party meetings just to see what they were really like. The Tea Party is concerned about reducing the deficit, out-of-control spending, etc. The media wants everyone to think that the Tea Party is the KKK without the robes. Anyone who's actually been to a meeting would know that their main concern is making sure that their children and granchildren don't end up debt slaves to China. Of course, it's always easier to ridicule someone than it is to have an honest discussion about the facts.

  7. yea right. we could just ask the founder of the tea party what he thinks:

    "It began as a movement to take back the United States from corrupt politicians. The Tea Party movement has been hijacked by Republicans and is now all about guns, gods and gays. Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker was one of the original founders of the Tea Party and calls the direction of the group an absolute joke."
  8. Just have to note the ironic humor of someone who calls themselves "free thinker", who is more or less a mouth piece for the main stream media and PC orthodoxy. LOL!!!

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    Tend to agree. Their justifiable anger has been steered into the same old ruts.

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