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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by MBfromLA, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. MBfromLA


    Hello everybody, I would like to know if any of you guys can recommend a decent Prop firm, i'm seies 7 lisenced, and looking for a decent reliable firm to trade with who can provide with 15+ times overnight laverage and low comissions, 0.05 per share, I checked out Echo and Bright, any opinions on them and or if any of u guys have a suggestion,,,,
    Your comments or recommendations will be highly apreciated..tahnks in advance....

  2. You sound like a green horn, give Ameritrade a try, tell em Rennick sent you. I'll get 50 bucks.
  3. Do you know what 15x leverage is? A little blip like Tokyo had this week and that operation would be toast!

    Who would be stupid enough to trade in a place like that?

  4. MBfromLA


    i've been trading at a firm and using even 100x laverage,,, i'm doing well,, but i need better rate on the comissions....been doing it for 4 years and profitable every month,,,, so let me worry about the risks, but any suggestions about the prop firms will be apreciated,,,,wish i could trade direct with a clearing firm but they want 1.5mil....
  5. Bright and Echo are 2 decent firms.
    When I was contemplating prop, these were the 2 I narrowed it down to.
  6. Quah


    Hmm. 48 consecutive months of profit at 100x "laverage" and you still don't have $1.5 million?
  7. Have you checked out Benchmark LLC ?

    I looked at them awhile back and I'm concidering them also.

    So I would appreciate comments also.
  8. are you sure you had 100x leverage for overnights? alot of firms will offer 100X for intraday but i dont know of many that offer 15X. most firms only do 3-5X overnight leverage.
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    no i'm lying, i'm not sure at all, and no i don't have 1.5 mil,, i average 6k a month...what do i do, and how do i do it, it's my business and i have no intentions of explaining how i make money to a compleate stranger , would you?