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    Hello everyone, my name is Pablo, I'm 24 yrs. old and started trading equity and ETF options a month ago. After searching for forums on trading and reading some of the posts here, I decided to join this website, since I saw many interesting discussions on the options forum. If anyone is from P.R. (San Juan area) feel free to contact me. Looking forward to discussing trades and strategies with everyone... take care
  2. Yeah, I wanna discuss something.

    Where are the best looking sluts in P.R.?
  3. Your question is much too vague. You must define what is 'good looking' to you. As this differs for nearly everyone. Perhaps you could post some pictures of 'good looking sluts' to help out your ET bretheren? :D
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    hahaha I don't know if I should be answering this.... but in the metro area (San Juan, etc...)

    btw, if anyone is offended by this, don't take things too seriously, life's short

    anyway, I do want to discuss option trading strategies... (and I'll take that seriously)
  5. asap


    now i am offended by this.

    meanwhile i'll book a flight to san juan just to check the facts.
  6. I was in Isabella and there u can get anyone's sister for about .50 US and thats for all night!!!

    If you want the mom it's an extra .25 cents though so that sucks.

    Now thats what I call an "OPTIONS Strategy"
  7. Save your money and spend it on the sluts.

    Seriously, stay away from options, it's not for newbies. At least paper trade for 6-12 months first.