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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by ny1, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. ny1


    I'm new here on this forum.
    Have pretty good experience in trading crude plus a good knowledge on the oil industry.
    I would like to say that beside the fact that in general i don't belive in the technical analysis in the cl trade it's even more correct.
    For the time being due all the geopolitical issues (Nigeria and especially Iran) my opinion is that tomorrow we will keep on see the bullish trend even stronger.

    that is 4 now will c if there is a place here 4 further comment and debate.
  2. If you don't believe in technical analysis, how do you analyze the market? And on what basis do you make your trades?

  3. nonam


    ny1,you pretty much said you trade on fundamentals.How long have you been doing this and how successfull have you been?
    With oil I also prefer fundamental analysis.
  4. OK, how do you decide when and at what price to make a trade?

    What do the fundamentals lead you to at this time, long or short?

  5. rcj


    There might be some up movement late tonight in CL. What do you think??
  6. ny1


    Obvias that my market analyze lean on fundamentals. I ride on waves and trends of the market (when i recognizeone 1) and I'm quit good at. There is a lot of data and nuances that the market react to. It takes time and knowledge to learn and someone must have also good sense in order to do the right move and action. I define my takeprofit and stoploss stops in advance and act according. A good trader must to have high discipline.
  7. ny1


    Well as i told already we're keeping the bullish trend it is here to stay and we already see it's keep on climbing - 62.7 is the number for now. 63 will be the next close destination and my trust is that this is only the first step toward much more higher numbers (but this one we still have to see).