Hi Credit Card Balance? "It's Your RIGHT To Not Pay"

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  1. Saw a TV add from a service which assists those who are over their head with credit card balances. The firm says, "it's your RIGHT to negotiate down the amount you owe". Really? The perp got the goods and services, but now it's his RIGHT to not pay all or part of it? Now that really IS "free money".

    America. What a country!
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    When I see stuff like this it makes me wonder why I didn't just leverage myself to the hilt with debt on houses, boats, and then just stiff everyone and go live in Costa Rica or somewhere like that. Then I remember, I have to look at myself in the mirror each morning when I shave.
  3. Too bad politicians don't have mirrors...
  4. They have mirrors, but like all the yes people they surround themselves with, it tells them how pretty and great they are.
  5. Worse than that. Collectively they have no qualms about lying, stealing, lining their own pockets from the public purse, "charging it" with no intention of EVER repaying in kind.
  6. How about lawyers who are behind such advertisements?

    Like politicians, lawyers are scums too...generally speaking.
  7. in some countries good lawyers are direct relatives of someone in the judiciary system, they take good money from the guilty, split that with the judge and a few others, and free the man, this way everyone is happy (except the cheap innocent people), the judge earns more than his income, the lawyer is known as a great lawyer and earns great customers, and the guilty goes back to his family
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    Great post, but perhaps they were targeting an audience that has been shell shocked by their credit card companies tripling their interest to unthinkable amounts for missing a payment...possibly on another credit line entirely.

    There are scumbags who do take advantage of the system and do not fulfill their obligations, but on the other side of the coin their are unscrupulous creditors as well.

    Just a thought :)
  9. You do have a right to negotiate. However, the creditor also has the right to hold you to the original agreement, which is precisely what they should do.

  10. Absofrickin-lutely! When it comes to "the money", scumbags all around... From the Adminstration and Fed all the way down...

    I once had a credit card payment arrive 1 day late. They charged me $39 and jumped my rate to 21%. I called them on the phone and tried to get the late charge refunded... no dice. Now, I call their automated service to make sure my payments are credited on time. If not, I could pay on the phone with another credit card to avoid the late fee.
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