Hi, Can anyone direct me to proper information.

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    I'd suggest that you try learning how to code on your own, if you want to keep your secret safe. Before embarking on automated trading, test your strategy long enough as if you were a computer, puting your emotions aside. You can as well get it coded in the incorrect parameter and then change the parameter after getting the code.
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    As you get more time in the market, you will have more data -- more *different* markets -- by which to judge and re-evaluate your signals. That confidence will go a long way towards addressing your concerns.

    FWIW, in looking at my own results, I came up with a mantra of "Enter on a shout, exit on a whisper."

    If you think you have left money on the table? You have two more choices:
    • develop an Exit-triggered pattern, whereby upon an exit of a long position, you go long in an inverse ETF, and hold it for two periods. (A time-based exit, rather than a market-based exit.)
    • develop a RE-entry position: a secondary pattern whereby when a trend continues, your entry triggers are appropriately formed not on a *shout*, but on a collection of conditions -- more like a *chorus*. Exits being 'as you will.'

    The broader idea here is that your 'rules-based trading' need not be a singular layer, nor do they have to be based only on the market, but maybe other parameters.

    "Just throwing it out there..."
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  3. Thanks everyone, but i think my plays since are very short duration, i am sure its best to manage the trades manaully. I do not hold a trade for more than 5 minutes. It will be very difficult to break it into smaller bits to be coded. Momentum, exhaustion, indicator Signals, price movement, support resistance and gut instincts all play their part so even when i try to see how to make it simple, its difficult. Since i can spot 30-50 signals for buy and sell in 2-3 hrs time. I think i will just have to baby sit my trades and get some balls in near future for longer term plays. Thank you.
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  4. yes makes complete sense, just Validates my trading strategy. I guess i will just have to get the galls to play long term on certain trades,I think its inscripted into my being to take profits. (a small Green is better than any red) I will just trade as i do now and let 1-2 trades with the biggest probability go forth and fly.
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    Mu first month (I traded forex), I made over 50% net and almost no losing trades. It took me over 10 years to repeat that and get consistently profitable.
    I managed however to do a "-95%" shortly after my first month.
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    Too simple. If you give them the logic behind the system, which is necessary for programming, they will find their own parameters easily. Most times the logic is the secret, not the programming of that logic.
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  7. Exactly.
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  8. For me it was on 04/03. had my first red day after a very long time it feels like even though it was only over a month. end of day i was down $15 and some change but i was up by $1200 when i felt cocky and kept adding to my draw down. Ego issues, looks like i am long way from where i want to go. following two days my account went green but profits were half of what i was making earlier. Average profit for the past 1 month before was almost averaging $800 a day and average trades were almost 40 trades a day. But the last two days my profit was lower and my trade count got lower which i am happy about. Not getting into all setups is very good for me.
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    I am not sure if you could get it to exactly the same time, maybe so, but maybe enter a trade with a large position that you're confident in beyond indicator or something and when you do, simultaneously open up a much smaller version of an identical position and let the smaller one run for a while after closing the larger balance position and see how they play out percentage wise.
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  10. %%I've been trading/investing >10 years + never made a profit in forex.
    lol. Stocks+ [ mostly ETFs+dividends.]
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