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  1. Hi boys, can you help me analyze this stock (UTSI) and tell me what you think, both fundamentally and technically? I bought this stock at $8 and now it is at $6 and going toward $5. I know I should have sold it at $9, but it’s one of those "should have" and "could have" that didn’t materialized. Do you think it will go back to $8? How long should I wait? It’s been 6 months since I bought it. I notice that some of you are good at drawing a bunch of lines on the chart showing support, resistance, and so forth. Any picture of how you arrive at your conclusion would be greatly appreciated. I'm a girl and need visual aid to understand what you are talking about. Be nice and I might give you a peek at my pic. :D hehehe...
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  3. chart looks pretty atrocious for longs...it's a clear downtrend with 50ma crossin' 200ema from above--very bearish...it's difficult to say where/when/if a rebound will take place, there's certainly no sign of it..and u know pennies...can keep droppin' forever 'till they get to nickels. mind u don't make decisions based on what I see: u are in charge.

    do u mind tell us the size of your trade?

    ps: ehmm.....pic? :p
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  5. Mr Market? :D
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  7. Never buy stocks with two vowels in thier ticker, they are always losers. I suggest exiting your position.

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  9. do what cramer does when one of his stocks tanks. do a monback.lol
  10. by the way u have to be a bit nutzy to hold on to it for so long with such a well define downtrend...hope for u were in small.
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